We would like to inform that Congress participants selected through online voting the winner of this year’s Best Practice Contest in the Culture and tourism.
The best practice comes from the Kamianets-Podilskyi Municipality, Ukraine. Congratulations!

We would like to thank everyone for participating in the Contest. Each submitted practice is unique and valuable and may serve as an inspiration to others.

Contest finalists:

1) Gdansk Tourism Organization, Poland:
The Gdańsk Tourism Organization launched a nationwide campaign under the name #CityWillWait. The aim of the action was to maintain the interest in travels among tourists during the quarantine and support the local tourist industry of Polish cities (by promoting the offer of local museums, cultural institutions, amusement parks, etc., as well as encouraging online tours or organizing virtual tours). The action promoted the offer of 12 cities. The #CityWillWait campaign gained wide coverage both in Poland and in the world, and it was promoted by Foreign Centers of the Polish Tourism Organization.

2) Kamianets-Podilskyi Municipality, Ukraine: The online tourist season 2020 "Kamianets Digital" is a concept aimed at popularizing the city as a powerful tourist destination, through the maximum use of resources and online accounts.
As part of the concept, the following activities were carried out from April 2020:
  • the project "Mandruy Ukrainoju" (Travel around Ukraine), the aim of which was the exchange of tourist information with other Ukrainian cities on dedicated platforms;
  • running an online travel forum "Digitization of the tourism sector as a development tool in the times of crisis";
  • launching the information portal www.kamianets.travel;
  • video project "we recommend a guide" (11 unique presentations from qualified guides);
  • a marathon of virtual tours in museums, historical places and architectural monuments of the city;
  • an online workshop during which local artisans and online viewers made their own souvenirs.
Thanks to the above-mentioned activities, tens of thousands of potential tourists received information about the city, and the employees of the municipal tourism sector had the opportunity to smoothly work in their area of expertise (http://kamianets.travel/).

3) La Escocesa – Open Factory for Analogic Creation, Barcelona, Spain: CO- Project @ La Escocesa
The creative community is one the most vurnelable group to the economic effects of the Covid-19 crisis. Started through an extraordinary grant program funded by La Escocesa, the social research project aims to create tools and solutions to counteract the effects of closure and strengthen both local artists and the socio-cultural sector in general.
In response to the urgent need to jointly tackle the pandemic situation, CO-Project has organized 6 research groups created by the artist community of the La Escocesa who are struggling with economic difficulties. These groups are developing strategies and programs to counter the effects of this crisis through activities such as
  • creating an advisory office, collecting information on subsidies, loans, etc., has an online database and a physical space - an asylum for artists;
  • creating, with advice of health professionals, procedures to restore body’s presence in cultural activities, while maintaining safety rules and at the same time taking into account the diversity and needs of recipients;
  • organization of a cultural program in the public space, so the artists can perform and be paid for. The activities are free, so citizens can physically reconnect with culture;
  • disseminating knowledge about the project's activities through the website and social networks (https://laescocesa.org/es/CO);
  • public relations that enables cooperation with other local, national and international institutions, creates alliances and contacts to promote activities aimed at mutual support;
  • fundraising to ensure continuity and sustainability of the Co - Project.
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