Kongres Współpracy Transgranicznej Lublin


Oct 05 2022


09:45 - 11:00

Safety and solidarity – the perspective of local governments

Krzysztof Stanowski – Deputy Chairman of the Congress Committee

Ana Perona-Fjeldstad – Executive Director, The European Wergeland Centre (Norway)
Krzysztof Żuk – Mayor of the City of Lublin (Poland)
Ihor Terechow – Mayor of the City of Kharkiv (Ukraine)

The opening panel will refer to the theme of this year’s congress: Security and Solidarity. We invited city presidents and mayors from different parts of Europe to participate in the discussion, in order to answer the question of how cities have passed the test of solidarity in the face of the crisis from a broader perspective. The panelists will include a representative of Ukraine – the mayor of Kharkiv, the city which was brutally attacked from the beginning of the war. We will talk with the authorities of the European cities involved in helping Ukraine about their experiences from the first weeks after the outbreak of the war. What was the most important then – humanitarian aid, accommodation, treatment? What are the challenges facing us now – how do we deal with education, work or social integration of our new residents? What does the cooperation with civil society organizations and government administration look like?
And finally – what’s ahead? What scenarios do we see for the future and are we ready for them? How to ensure the safety of our residents? How to maintain a spirit of solidarity and sensitivity when the first wave of spontaneous help and commitment has subsided. How will our societies change under the influence of migration processes? How to build effective cross-sector partnerships, and finally how to manage local governments in a time of permanent crisis – when new “black swans” appear in our skies.

Simultaneous translation into PL-EN-UA;
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