Kongres Współpracy Transgranicznej Lublin


Oct 05 2022


19:00 - 21:00

Alina on the other side of the border


We give the floor to new young residents of Lublin who came to our city from the eastern border. In the theater play they have prepared we will see the image of contemporary Poland and Poles through the eyes of the newcomer like in a mirror. In this meeting with a foreigner, facing stereotypes, prejudices and all kinds of barriers, young people look for a way to dialogue and understanding. The performance of the student Imperial Theater Alina on the other side of the border will become the starting point for a deeper reflection on the situation of foreign youth in Lublin.

The performance attempts to capture the current mechanisms of interaction with a foreigner, on the example of the story of a young Ukrainian woman who came to a Polish city for the first time to study. How does she perceive Polish reality? How does she view Poland, Polish women and Polish men, as well as various social groups? What seems strange to her and what does she sincerely admire about this country? What does he completely fail to understand? The heroine tries to establish contact with the inhabitants of the city. While maintaining relations with her family and compatriots abroad, she tries to seek support among the Poles surrounding her. The scenario was based on sociological research conducted by the authors of the play – interviews with Polish and Ukrainian students on Polish-Ukrainian relations, living together in Lublin, studying, national attitudes and stereotypes, showing how do Polish people view Ukrainians, illustrating the situation of Ukrainian students in Poland, and also based on various cultural texts (blogs, videos, comments on the Internet). From the stage, we will hear fragments of authentic statements by people who talk about what is most important to them: about love, strangeness, looking for their own place under the Polish sun. The play deals with the topic of home, its loss and searching. What is home for each of us? Actors who are directly concerned with this topic will try to answer this question. Each of them had an experience of alienation, looking for happiness elsewhere. But did he find it? We will learn about it from the monologues.

Alina on the other side of the border is a unique research and art project that combines research methods with artistic activities. An important part of the performance is the debate on overcoming cultural barriers, as well as the strategy of building a multicultural dialogue. This project is aimed at introducing positive changes in intercultural relations among students, expanding knowledge about Ukrainian culture, breaking stereotypes and ethnic prejudices.

After the end of the performance, which lasts approximately 45 minutes, the audience will be invited to a discussion entitled Around the intercultural dialogue of young people: foreign students in Lublin.

Translation into EN and UA language displayed on the screen

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