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Oct 06 2022


14:30 - 15:30

WORKSHOPS #BooksInsteadofBorders
Weronika Fibich “Others are in us”

Workshop for teachers and adults
The number of places is limited!

Moderator: Weronika Fibich

A workshop aimed at deconstructing the feeling of being at home, introducing into such a state of homelessness that the participant would gain alienation from himself. Relinquishing yourself to be at home, putting yourself at the disposal of the Other, will allow you to be closer to yourself and to understand the One next to you. The guest received in this way is “someone other than me, radically different”. During the implementation of the proposed tasks, the concept of the Other will be reviewed. The theoretical approaches to cultural studies methodologies are hereby reflected in direct educational activities, which – following Julia Kristeva – will indicate that “Others are in us and we are the Others”. Kristeva’s philosophy is a philosophy of openness that shifts the center of gravity to the individual – here each “I” is “Other”, so there is no such “otherness” that should face injustice and repression.

How to talk to children and young people about difficult things that are happening in the country and in the world – such as war, refugee, migration crisis – using the art of the word? Should children and young people take up topics that arouse heated discussions and polarize societies? How to do it wisely and professionally? In particular, in schools and other educational institutions? What tools does literature provide us in this regard? How can fiction help explain to children what arouses so many controversial feelings in adults, break down barriers and bring other cultures closer? We will try to answer these and other questions during the workshop entitled Others are in us … as part of the workshops block entitled Books not borders addressed to teachers / employees of educational institutions, culture animators, parents and all those who work with children and youth and / or are interested in the proposed topic.

The workshop will be conducted in Polish;
zapewniamy facylitatora językowego EN-UA

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