Kongres Współpracy Transgranicznej Lublin


Oct 06 2022


12:00 - 13:00

WORKSHOPS #BooksInsteadofBorders
Dorota Monkiewicz and Jarosław Mikołajewski “Wandering with Nabu”

Workshops for children aged 10-13
The number of places is limited!

The workshop will be held by: Dorota Monkiewicz and Jarosław Mikołajewski

Children like to play hide and seek, run away and pretend … but when they really have to do it, what’s going on in their heads? What emotions, what thoughts accompany them?

Jarosław Mikołajewski – writer, poet, essayist and publicist. Author of books for children and an award-winning translator. Author of six volumes of poetry. Laureate of Casimira Iłłakowiczówna, St. Brother Albert, Barbara Sadowska Literary Awards and Nowa Okolica Poetów Award. His translation achievements include translations of works by Dante, Petrarch, Michelangelo, Leopardi, Montale, Ungaretti, Luzi, Penny, Pavese, Pasolini. His works are valued for his masterful use of language, emotional charge, the spiritual dimension of his poetry and touching upon even the most complex topics. Mikołajewski’s books have been translated into many foreign languages – they have been published in Italy, the United States, Albania, Greece, Lithuania and Ukraine.

#BooksInsteadofBorders (Part I)

A series of workshops for adults, teenagers and children combined with meetings with authors prepared in cooperation with the House of Words in Lublin.

Content-related care, presenter and coordinator: Alina Januszczyk.

As part of the workshop block, we will invite you to the House of Words in Lublin, located in an old printing house – a unique place full of books, fonts and printing machines, showing the history of the free word as an important factor of social and political changes, emphasizing the importance of the spoken and printed word in culture and social life. In this atmospheric space, steeped in history and the spirit of freedom, in three workshop modules designed for children, adolescents and adults, participants will learn to handle difficult topics with the help of fiction and means provided by the art of the word.

The workshop will be conducted in Polish;
zapewniamy facylitatora językowego EN-UA

The event is finished.

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