Centre for Eastern European Competences

The Congress is organized as part of the Centre for Eastern European Competences - a programme established by the City of Lublin. Its foundation expressed the attention which is paid in Lublin Region to the cooperation with partners from Eastern Europe. Mutual trust and engagement in collaboration is confirmed by tens of jointly realized projects so far.

The aim of the Centre is to work for social development, education, culture and business, strengthening mutual communication and dialogue. Centre for Eastern European Competences supports the creation of collaboration networks and eliminating obstacles, including those resulted from mutual prejudices and stereotypes.

The mission of Centre is to inspire and stimulate efficient and sustainable cross-border cooperation, set potentially the most effective directions for activities held between the European Union and Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia. It also aims at mutual explanation of social determinants and cultural specifics of different countries and nations form the EU and the EaP, and as a result, it intent to generate socio-economical benefits arising from cross-border cooperation.

Additionally, one of the tasks of Centre for Eastern European Competences is to actively initiate new undertakings and co-create new quality in broadly defined development cooperation throughout, among others, building the circles of people, institutions and organizations in particular countries, which would speak a common voice regarding problems crucial for this part of the world.

In order to fulfil its mission and aims, Centre heads to cataloguing knowledge and good practises in the field of initiatives implemented with partners from the East, networking partners, introducing new ideas, and producing recommendations.

Programme Council

Honourable patronage


Aleksandra Zińczuk
Andrzej Skórski
Dr Julita Agnieszka Rybczyńska
Krzysztof Stanowski
Natalia Gmurkowska
Paweł Prokop
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