Kongres Współpracy Transgranicznej Lublin

Congress Organisation and Information Office undertakes to ensure the availability of the kongres.lublin.eu website in accordance with the provisions of the Act of 4 April 2019 on digital accessibility of websites and mobile applications of public entities. Declaration of accessibility applies to kongres.lublin.eu website.

Date of the website publication: 2020-09-16
Date of the last major update: 2024-03-15

The website is partially compliant with the Act of April 4, 2019 on the digital accessibility of the websites and mobile applications of public sector bodies due to incompatibilities or exclusions listed below:

  • not all elements on the page meet the contrast criterion, the page allows you to switch to high contrast;
  • errors in html semantics occur.

The website editors make ongoing efforts to ensure that the website content is digitally available to the widest possible audience.
The service can be operated by standard browser keyboard shortcuts.

Feedback and contact details:

In case of problems with the digital accessibility of the website for people with disabilities, please contact us. The contact person is Agnieszka Kudela, agnieszka.kudela@lublin.eu, phone number: +48 81 466 66 41. In the same way, you can apply for making unavailable content available and submit complaints about non-availability, if necessary.

Anyone may request that a website, mobile application or any component thereof be made digitally accessible. You can also request information to be made available through an alternative means of access, i.e. by reading a digitally unavailable document, describing the content of a film lacking an audio description, etc. The request should contain the data of the person submitting the request, indicate which website or mobile application the request pertains to and a contact method. When the requesting person reports the need to receive information by means of an alternative access method, they should also define the most suitable way for them to present this information. The public entity should execute the request forthwith, but not later than within 7 days. If this deadline cannot be met, the public entity shall immediately inform the person submitting the request about the possible date to complete the request. The deadline shall not be longer than 2 months from the date of request. If digital accessibility cannot be provided, the public entity may suggest an alternative means of information access.
When the public entity refuses to fulfill the request on providing accessibility or an alternative method of information access, the person submitting the request may submit a complaint.
Once the above procedure has been performed, a request may also be file to the Ombudsman via website.

Building accessibility

Information on building accessibility of all venues of Lublin Municipal Office.

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