Kongres Współpracy Transgranicznej Lublin

The Cross-Border Cooperation Academy — a week-long program dedicated to young people aged 18-35 from the V4 and EaP countries, aimed at developing practical leadership and managerial skills in the field of international cooperation. For a week, 21 people will participate in workshops combined with study visits in Lublin institutions and organizations implementing international youth cooperation. The participants of the Academy will raise the level of knowledge and strengthen managerial and leadership competences, as well as they exchange experiences with partners from V4 and EaP which, in the long term will increase the intensification of cooperation between entities from V4 and EaP. Academy programs can downloaded HERE.

The project is a joint initiative of the City of Lublin and 6 partners — local governments from Olomouc (Czechia), Debrecen (Hungary), Chisinau (Moldova), Lviv (Ukraine), Košice (Slovakia) and Tbilisi (Georgia). It is aimed at intensifying the cooperation of entities from the Eastern Partnership and the Visegrad Group countries. The Cross-border Academy, within 11th edition of the Cross-Border Cooperation Congress, will host the meetings and discussions in Lublin.

Source of funding:  International Visegrad Fund/ Visegrad + Grants

Total amount of funding: 14 750 EUR

Implementation period: 01/06/2022 — 30/11/2022

REGISTRATION to the Cross-Border Cooperation Academy.

If you have any questions about recruitment and the Academy, please contact: akademiakwt@lublin.eu.

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