Kongres Współpracy Transgranicznej Lublin

MOVE IT like Lublin

The project “MOVE IT like Lublin” – a sustainable development initiative for public transport in the municipality of Chisinau, financed by the European Union, was launched on 19 January 2022 and aims to improve the public transport system in the municipality of Chisinau, implemented within a partnership between the Chisinau City Hall and Lublin City Hall in Poland.

The final beneficiaries of the project are all residents and guests of Chisinau municipality, especially those who are actively utilising the municipal transport system.

Within the project, the Chisinau City Hall, in close cooperation with the Lublin City Hall, will aim to achieve three main objectives:

i) improving urban transport policies at the municipal level;
ii) increasing the institutional capacities of the Chisinau City Hall, in line with European Union practices in the field of urban mobility;
iii) increasing the quality of public transport management in Chisinau by implementing innovative sustainable solutions and technologies.

As part of the project, a modern Traffic Monitoring Centre will be set up and a Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan for Chisinau will be developed.

The project will run until 2025 and will provide support to transform public transport services in the city into a more inclusive, safer, more resilient and sustainable transport system. The total budget of the project is 3,500,000 Euro, of which 3,325,000 Euro is a grant contribution provided by the European Union, and 175,000 Euro represents the allocation of Chisinau municipality.

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