23 - 24 September 2019
Lublin Conference Center

This year's 8th edition of the Eastern Europe Initiatives Congress will be dedicated to unique events and their role in our contemporary reality.

For Lublin, 2019 is a special year – the 450th Anniversary of the Polish-Lithuanian Union, called the Union of Lublin, falls on 1 July. This will be a great opportunity to reflect on the common and different cultural and historical heritage of our country and neighbors, as well as the important role of Lublin and our region in shaping the European community of nations. We will show in this jubilee year how to draw from the heritage and experience of the Union of Lublin and build the future of present Europe. Moreover, it is a time when a number of other anniversaries coincides: the 10th Anniversary of the Eastern Partnership, the 15th Anniversary of Poland's Accession to the European Union, the 20th Anniversary of Poland's Membership in NATO and the 30th Anniversary of Democratic Transformations in the Central European Region. This is an excellent starting point for a discussion about the future of modern Europe, its identity, challenges that need to be faced, and the need for deeper integration and cooperation. As an important element of the discussion, there will also take place panels dedicated to regional partnerships, transnational and regional cooperation.

This year's Congress will cover also important issues related to heritage and reconciliation, local democracy as well as science and education, which is so important for the constantly reforming Ukraine. What is more, the panels devoted to tourism, culture, innovations, mobility and broadly understood equality promise to be very interesting.

The debates will focus on showing how many areas of regional cooperation exist across the EU with neighboring Eastern Partnership countries, and how to efficiently build agreements and lasting partner relations on many fields.


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