Thank you for participating in the Best Practice Contest. We have received 49 applications altogether from the following countries: Georgia, Spain, France, Latvia, Lithuania, Palestine, Poland, Turkey, Ukraine. The Contest Commitee shortlisted 3 practices in each of the 5 categories. You can vote for one selected practice in each category on the Congress platform. Voting is open until October, 9, 11.00 (GMT + 2). The winners will be announced during the official closing of the Congress at 12.00 on October, 9.

The contest will promote the best solutions across Europe and the Eastern Partnership countries, which may become inspiration to others. The theme of 2020 edition is COVID-19 and the contest addresses those enitities who implemented successful solutions to face the pandemic.

Five categories:

Local government: solutions facilitating access to public services for residents;

Culture and tourism: solutions which allowed for the continuity of the hitherto activities and offering the recipients services and products taking into account the needs in the pandemic period. The category also encompasses the solutions offered by other entities for the benefit of culture and tourism industry;

Education: solutions implemented in formal and non-formal education once education institutions (schools/universities) have been closed;

Social assistance: solutions in the field of social help and support of medical staff during the pandemic;

Entrepreneurship: solutions implemented by and for entrepreneurs, whose industries were affected by the pandemic crisis and demanded immediate actions to survive and to change the branch strategic profile.
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