Kongres Współpracy Transgranicznej Lublin


Oct 06 2022


12:30 - 14:00

Marina Hulia: Overcoming prejudices and barriers

The number of places is limited!

Meeting with Marina Hulia

Marina Hulia – Teacher, social activist. Her father is Russian and mother Belarusian, she was born in Ukraine. She has been living and working in Poland for 28 years. She looks after refugees, elderly persons and homeless people. Formerly a consultant of the Ministry of National Education for foreign children’s integration.

In 2020, she received the Father Józef Tischner Award. Winner of the Irena Sendler “Repairing the World” Award. In 2016, at the Belarusian Brest train station, where Chechen families with children camped for months, she founded a democratic school, giving the youngest a substitute for a normal life. Today she creates a mutual assistance system in which people at risk of exclusion help others. Together with refugee families, she takes care of abandoned elderly people in one of the nursing homes in Warsaw. She visits animal shelters and hospices. She supports the professional activation of the homeless from Warsaw’s Wola district and builds bird houses with them.

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