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Oct 05 2022


16:15 - 17:15

Judiciary and administration in Ukraine during the war

Kinga Wernicka PhD – patent attorney (Poland)

Olesya Radyshevska PhD – Judge of the Supreme Court of Ukraine (Ukraine) [on-line]
Anna Dachowska – International Cooperation Director at Patent Office of the Republic of Poland expert of the Ukrainian patent office (Poland)
Margarita Okseniuk – Deputy Director General of the State Enterprise “Ukrainian Intellectual Property Institute”(Ukraine)

One of the key factors that enabled the Ukrainian state to function efficiently during the Russian invasion is the continuous activity of both institutions maintaining the state’s technical infrastructure (such as railways and municipal services) and administrative structures (state bodies, local governments, and the judiciary). While the former made it possible to meet the current needs of citizens by providing basic public services, the latter, while serving as a “symbolic infrastructure”, turned out to be crucial for ensuring the continuity of the state community based on the rule of law and respect for the principles of democracy and human rights.
The panel will present the Ukrainian Supreme Court and the Patent Office performance during in the time of war. By introducing changes to the existing Ukrainian legal regulations, the stability of their functioning was ensured, also during the ongoing war. The aid offered to Ukraine from Poland was also important for their proper functioning.

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