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Oct 05 2022


11:15 - 12:45

Cooperation of NGOs and local authorities in providing aid to Ukraine

Piotr Choroś – Director, Participation Office, Lublin City Hall (Poland)

Anna Dąbrowska – Chairwoman, Homo Faber Association (Poland)
Anna Szadkowska – Deputy Director, Participation Office, Lublin City Hall (Poland)
Tomasz Sieniow, PhD – President of the Rule of Law of the Institute, lecturer at the Faculty of Law of the Catholic University of Lublin (Poland)
Rostyslav Sikhovskyi  – student of the Lublin University of Technology, volunteer (Poland)

The panel will explore unique experiences of the Lublin Committee to Aid Ukraine.
Established five hours after the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the Lublin Committee to Aid Ukraine has been providing support to refugees from Ukraine since February 24, 2022. The Committee has been coordinating cooperation between non-governmental organizations, the City Hall and volunteers. Among other things, the Committee runs a hotline in five languages. the support centre provides legal, psychological, medical and nutritional assistance. It runs a scholarship program, childcare and  jobs opportunities. It also provides humanitarian aid to Ukrainian cities. Thousands of volunteers – mostly Ukrainian, but also Belarusian residents of Lublin – were involved in the work of the Committee.
During the panel, we will talk about its activities. We will summarize the cooperation of local communities and local government in supporting Ukraine and its citizens.

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